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M1 Pastor Search Committee Update 06/24/2023

Dear Church Family,
The Pastoral Search Committee is pleased to share an update with you today.  We have received over 180 resumes and have thoroughly and prayerfully reviewed and discussed each one.  We have been pleased with many of the resumes we have studied and have selected some pastors to begin learning more about them and their walk with the Lord and their ministry calling.
We recently began the next step which is the prescreen telephone interview process.   We are so grateful for Zoom technology that allows us to talk face-to-face with these pastors during our interview.
Will you specifically pray for us for these things while we are talking with pastors who want to be our next Senior Pastor?
Pray that the Holy Spirit guides our thoughts and questions as we talk with each of them.
Pray that God will grace us with excellent listening skills so we can hear the heart of each of the candidates during our interviews with them.  
Pray for discernment for us to recognize the specific gifts and talents of the man that God has called to lead Magnolia’s First Baptist Church.
During this interview stage, we continue to maintain our commitment to patiently wait upon the Lord.   We are so thankful for your trust in us, but most of all that God is, and always will be, in control of this process.  
We hope you will visit the Pastor Search Information page on our website at  As always, if you have any questions about the process, please reach out to any one of us.  Our contact information is on this page.
May God continue to bless our ministries and our church family.  
Shirley Jensen
June 2023

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