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COVID-19   Update

M1BC meets both on-campus and on-line. We live stream and archive all services at and FaceBook. In addition, all groups that meet on-campus are strongly encouraged to provide an online option like Zoom or FaceBook. Check with your group leader to learn more about online groups or contact

If you are susceptible to Covid, we urge you to consider our online options. Magnolia's First will accommodate for social distancing among individuals, but cannot enforce any level of distancing among the attendees.

The charts below are the primary way that Magnolia's First will communicate known Covid Cases in our community and on campus. We will be fully transparent here so that you can make your own decision about attending on-campus or on-line.

Magnolia's First believes that everyone should be respected and everyone should be able to participate regardless of any social distancing needs, beliefs or assumptions. We intend to focus our conversation less on covid and more on Christ!  #lesscovidmorechrist

Known Covid Positive Cases on Campus
Montgomery County Hospital Report
Being aware of local hospital capacities in our county is a great tool to monitor the spread of Covid, determine availability of medical care when needed, and assist in the decisions you make regarding exposure to others. To view the report, click here or paste "" into your web browser.
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