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The Trifecta

A web of Care and Accountability

What it is.
The Trifecta creates a web of care and accountability for all M1 members and regular attendees. The process is simple. We want you to contact and connect with 3 people every other week.  That is it.

What it is not.
We are not creating individual groups of 4. Rather, the Trifecta creates a web by linking us to each other. While you are caring for 3 others, someone else will be caring for you!

How it starts.
Find, choose and invite 3 people who are part of m1bc and not already part of someone else's Trifecta.  The primary criteria is that they are not part of your household and that all Trifectas are of one gender.

Why we do it.
We are creating a culture where all members and attendees are connected to each other for care and accountability regardless of attendance or group membership.

Where to start.
Fill out the form below and we will send you a modifiable conversation template and some pointers on keeping a conversation effective and efficient.  Bottom line…this matters because people matter.  Join us as we endeavor to have everyone “Get Connected”.