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We exist to engage  every generation to become Christ Followers.

Covid-19 Update
After prayerful consideration, we have decided to suspend all “in-person” services and on-campus meetings for the next few Sundays. The number of Covid-19 cases is rising in our local area and especially in Harris County, where many of our members and attendees work. While just a few weeks ago, most of us only knew someone who knew someone else that has Covid-19, today, we now have fellow church members, family members and friends who have contracted the virus. For that, wisdom says we should put a pause on gathering together in person. While we always have the right to meet, we are choosing not to out of caution and respect for the community we serve. We will closely monitor our local conditions over the next few weeks. We ask for your prayers for godly wisdom as we move forward together as a family of faith.

Please join us online this Sunday - See below for details:

What to Expect

In each worship service and venue of Magnolia's First Baptist Church, the music is geared towards the service style while the teaching ministry is consistent and strategically geared towards "Life Change" through a narrative expository style of preaching.  We want you to walk away with a "Big Idea" that you can remember and have "Next Steps" that you can apply to the rest of your week.
Sunday at 9:00

timeless hymns and gospel choruses

Sunday at 10:00

contemporary mix of worship music

Sunday at 11:00

creative and intimate worship experience

Sunday at 11:00

servicio alegre y contemporáneo


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