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Community begins when we get out of rows and into circles.  Any group at M1  is a great way to enter real community. The foundations of our groups model are fellowship, discipleship, and finding a third place. We believe that the community fostered in these groups will make a dynamic impact in Magnolia for Christ. You can join an open Journey group (found below) or grab a few friends and start your group today!
Below is a list of all of our groups and some basic contact information.
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What is an M1 Small Group?

At its core, a small group is simply a group of people who have Christ's Holy Spirit inside of them. This group is able to spend enough time together that they have relationships with one another and spend enough time with Jesus to have a relationship with Him. The essence of small groups is not much more complex than that! The temptation is to initially try and wrap a lot of other parameters around it: recommending the maximum number of people who can be in a group, establishing what the group agenda is, writing leadership criteria, determining the optimal frequency of small group gatherings, building a leader support/coaching structure, etc. These criteria are very useful to helping a small group ministry grow and sustain spiritual health, but until you can embrace the simplicity of the early church pattern that a small group is people in relationship to God and to one another, then there will always be confusion about the nature of small groups.
A wonderful summary statement for the process of community in a small group is this: "I regularly share my life stories with you. You regularly share your life stories with me. Together we will look at the life story of Jesus Christ as it is told in God's Word, and over time, our life stories begin to look and sound a lot more like Jesus' life story."

Open M1 Small Groups - Inquire today and join this week!

Monday Night Small Group for Couples

Biblically based teaching on the daily challenges and experiences of life. 
Designed for couples in the range of 30-49 years of age. This stage of life is complicated to say the least with kids, careers, and aging parents. This group is designed to make significant connections with each other to support one another in the trials that come. 
6:30pm - 8:00pm in Room 103 at Magnolia's First Baptist Church
Contact Kristen Driskell for more details!

Small Group for Men

All study sessions begin and end with prayer. Most study sessions begin with a quick introduction for new members, or a go around the table where we talk about what Scriptures we have been reading and how the Holy Spirit is working in our lives. After that, which very well may take up the entire time some nights, we will either jump into a specific book in Scripture or watch a sermon on YouTube or Right Now. Always though, we know that the Holy Spirit will ultimately determine the course of the evening.
Contact Spencer Galvan for more details!

What is a Seeker Small Group?

A seeker small group is a community of non-Christians who gather regularly with one or two Christians to explore spiritual matters. Meeting at a variety of locations from homes or offices to restaurants or churches, the Christians organize and facilitate the discussions based on the seekers' spiritual questions and issues. The group leaders can be effective with or without the gift of evangelism, with or without formal apologetics training, and with or without much small group experience. No wonder this cutting-edge outreach tool is so vital and powerful.
New Groups Starting Soon! Check back often or email Pastor Seth to see how you can get involved. 

Sunday Journey Groups and Weekday Classes

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