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Southern Baptist Convention 

The Southern Baptist Convention has made National News regarding the findings of an investigation of Sexual Abuse within the Convention. The report (issued yesterday) was self-initiated by the convention in last year’s annual meeting and reveals a troubling pattern within the leadership of the Southern Baptist Convention regarding its handling of reported abuse within the Churches. I encourage you to be informed of the issue and familiar with the report. Below are some links to help you be informed and educated.

Magnolia's First Baptist Church is an autonomous Church and partners with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) primarily for local and international missions. In light of the recent findings in the investigative report regarding sexual abuse within the Convention, we will be watching closely the response from the Executive Committee of the SBC and other affiliated Churches to determine our own future affiliation and support of the Southern Baptist Convention. Pray for the SBC and its response. God has used the Convention to spread the Gospel to the uttermost parts of the world! This news will have an immense impact on thousands of SBC missionaries across the globe!